Helpful swiss fishing links

On this page I provide helpful swiss fishing links that will allow you to do further research on your own.

I did this with best intentions and to the best of my knowledge- however should you discover that any of those links are misleading or broken- I would appreciate if you let me know- Thank you.

Helpful Swiss Fishing Links

For many of you the most helpful swiss fishing links will be the ones directing you to authorities providing legal information and fishing licenses. By now you probably found out that Switzerland has 4 official languages- and unfortunately english isn’t one of them…..therefore most of these sites will be in german, french, sometimes italian- only !

You will not find any of this information on any official website in english- therefore make the best out of it- use a translating tool or ask a local friend….that is about all I can do for you.

If you have any questions or think your services should be listed here- feel free to contact me……

Legal information / Fishing Licenses

Switzerland has 26 cantons with 26 different fishing regulations- more or less……
I can only provide informational links to Bernese sites, as this is where I live and fish !

Canton Bern Fishing Authorities – official website

> information on species, conservation projects, legal stuff (german + french only)

Fishing Licenses Canton Bern

> order your fishing license online and print it out at home (german + french only)

All public waters Canton Bern

> Map of all public waters in the canton Bern

Lakes Canton Bern

> List of all lakes that can be fished with Bernese License- incl. description and species (german + french only)

Rivers Canton Bern

> List of all rivers that can be fished with Bernese License- incl. description and species (german + french only)


> Fishing Statistics of all Bernese waters from 2010 until now- this will show you how many fish of which species were caught in a certain river/lake over that period of time.

SANA Certification

> Need a fishing license for a month or a whole season ? This site lists all SANA certification courses held in Switzerland + additional information (german, french, italian)

Swiss Fishing Federation

> everything you need to know about fishing in Switzerland (german + french…..)

Bernese Fishing Federation

> everything you need to know about fishing in the Canton of Bern (again only german + french…..)

Weather Forecasts

Inform yourself before you get on the water and equip yourself accordingly. These two sites provide accurate forecasts for all of Switzerland. Do not trust your international weather forecasts- they are often useless when it comes to predict heavy weather in a certain area. Stay safe !!

Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology

> accurate weather forecasts for all of Switzerland

Swiss Weather Radar

> the best weather radar in Switzerland. Check out precipitations in the next few hours.

Fishing guides in other regions of Switzerland

These guys are all great. I know them all personally and they will provide unique fishing experiences for you. That is….if you don’t feel like booking me for some reason….

Swiss Bamboo Rods Guiding Services

> Bernese Oberland and Jura Region (Doubs river)

Jura Flyfishing

> Pierre Emmanuel Aubry, guiding the Jura region and waters on the swiss-french border

Equipment / Flies / Bamboo rods


> Swissflies shows you the world of Swiss historic flies and their famous fly tiers, sells high quality barbless flies, especially finest CDC dry flies, collector flies and high quality fly tying materials worldwide.

Bamboo Rods

> Entirely hand made top of the line splitcane rods made in Switzerland- simply beautiful !

Berhard Fishing

> largest fishing store within 30 min. drive of Interlaken- they carry anything you might ever need (with online shop)

Beginners Guide to Flyfishing

> excellent page providing lots of information about flyfishing in general.

Choosing trout flies simplified

> a great page to help you choose the right fly


> Marlo flyfishing equipment in Switzerland & Flies

Equipment Sponsors

Marlo Flyfishing

> Small german manufacture for top quality rods & reels – check out the saltwater reels !!!

Hurch Flyfishing

> Good online shop- Vision, Mystic, Seele, Keeper, Hanak

General info

>tons of useful free information- not a shop- check it out !

Ontrack Fishing
> lots of free information about fishing, very helpful for beginners.

Knots, Hooks, Bait & Lures
> Ultimate Guide to Fishing Knots, Hooks, Bait, and Lures

Resources for fish Identification
> Extensive list of resources to identify your fish