Fly fishing lessons for novices in Switzerland

Learn the art of Flyfishing with a Pro !

Could you imagine a better place for your first fly fishing lessons than Switzerland ? Beautiful mountain scenery, clear icy waters, healthy fish and your local fly fishing guide with 20+ years of teaching experience.

Fly fishing lessons are well suited for individuals or a small group of friends wanting to learn the basics of this fascinating sport, or wishing to refresh their slightly rusty skills. It is also a very popular option for a company incentive or corporate event, bringing everybody together in an outdoors environment, with a mutual challenge to overcome, offering some competition in a refreshing and humorous atmosphere.

fly fishing lessons

Fly fishing lessons for individuals or small groups

My fly fishing lessons take place on a private basis (= 1 to 1). This means only you and the guide / instructor. I do not have mixed groups of people who don’t know each other and may be on totally different levels. This allows me to fully focus on you and your technique, providing hands-on instructions, fast learning and high level of satisfaction. If you are looking for fast results, private instructions is the way to go !

The fly fishing lessons take place on a beautiful stream. With me there is no casting lessons on the soccer filed. From the first day on you are on the water with a realistic chance of catching your first fish on a fly.

fly fishing lessons

Learn the basic casts and catch your first trout on a fly.

We will start the day with a short theoretical introduction:

  • Equipment – rods, reels, lines
  • which fish do we target ?
  • fish food insects and their habitat
  • overview of the flies – dry flies, nymphs, streamers
  • casting techniques
  • history, rules & regulations, animal rights

Obviously time does not allow to cover any of those themes in great depth. It is about giving you a deeper understanding of all the different options and techniques there is in flyfishing.

fly fishing lessons

After this introduction it is now time to focus on the most basic casts. In the beginners fly fishing lessons you will learn the Overhead cast and the Roll cast. Those are the foundation of nearly all different casts and will allow you to fish pretty much anywhere for any species.

As mentioned- you will practice your casting skills standing on the banks of a beautiful river and learn to deal with the different currents from the beginning on.

Usually the theoretical introduction and the casting practice will take up about half of our day. After a tasty picnic on the banks of our river, it is now time to put our fresh skills to the test. We slowly move upstream, stealthy and slowly, always keeping our eyes open for any fish to cast to.

fly fishing lessons in Switzerland

With a bit of luck you should soon be able to hook your first fish on a fly. Your guide will now show you how to correctly land and handle a fish. If the fish is within legal limits, we can now decide whether or not to keep the fish. If you decide to keep it, the guide will show how to properly and legally stun and kill the fish. If the fish is unharmed and is to be returned, we will very carefully release the fish into his elements, giving him the chance to grow more and grab our fly another time again.

My fly fishing lessons do not require any previous knowledge and are held on easily reachable premises, making it suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

I am fully equipped and can provide quality fishing gear for you. If you already own your personal equipment, you are certainly welcome to take it along. Here a list of equipment well suited for a start:

  • Fly rod, weight #3 to #5, lenght 9 ft.
  • Fly reel with floating fly line- matching your rod.
  • Waders, wading boots
  • Polarized glasses, hat

Don’t worry about flies, leaders, tippet at this point…. I will supply all of it !

fly fishing lessons in Switzerland

I never said it was going to be easy, did I ? Clearly you will not be able to cast like a champion on your very first day and you may find it more difficult than anticipated to land a fish. Do not despair, good things come with time. I am here to lead you on the way with the best possible basic knowledge and technique, allowing you to progress fast with a high level of satisfaction, making sure you do not build up mistakes and bad habits, that can be very difficult to get rid of later on.

After this it is mainly up to you: practice, practice, practice….. no guide in the world can take this part from you !

In the best case you will be back a few weeks later, having practiced and mastered the basic casts. You are now ready for the “real thing”. Fly fishing on a beautiful swiss alps stream. It is now time to perfection all what was learned. I definitely recommend coming back for a second, more advanced lesson, as you will realize the path to glory is still long…..

Fly fishing lessons – information & prices:
  • No of participants: 1-5 maximum
  • Minimum age: approx. 10 yrs
  • Duration: all day
  • SaNa not required
  • the fly fishing lessons take place on a river in the canton Bern
  • preferably weekdays, weekends only from March – June
  • Price for 1 person: CHF 790
  • every additional person: CHF 120
  • additional: Fishing license canton Bern: CHF 32 / person (mandatory)
  • additional: rental fishing equipment: CHF 30 / person (optional)

I offer discounts for returning customers !

For questions or bookings, please contact me through my contact form.

Come enjoy your first fly fishing lessons with me. I look forward introducing you to this fascinating sport.

Pascal Zeller

fly fishing lessons in Switzerlandflyfishing lessons in Switzerlandfly fishing lessons in Switzerland